How Are You In Local Language of Indonesia Apa Kabar

Hi dude. This is the first topic in Bahasawan in English. I wrote this topic top complete Daftar 100 Topik Pertama Bahasawan. This topic could be the eleventh topics. I need 88 topics more and then my headache could be lost.

Indonesia is a rich country. We have more than 700 local languages and different dialects. This topic is another crazy topic after Apa Kabar? Dalam Berbagai Bahasa Daerah Indonesia (99 Daftar).

I just realized when compiling the Apa kabar? in local language of Indonesia. The formal and general ways to speak How are you? in bahasa Indonesia is Apa kabar?. Just like Google Translate says. But, when you go to unknown and mysterious remote area, you should be better try a local language.

I will not copy and paste the previous topic in Bahasa Indonesia. It is hard to recompile the previous topic. However, I will show you some popular area of Indonesia that probably you would visited. If you have interesting more with this topic, you would be better refer to the original topic in Indonesian language.

  1. Javanese: Piye kabare? or Pripun Kabare?
  2. Sundanese: Kumaha damang?
  3. Balinese: Kenken kabare? or Sampun napi gatrane?
  4. Minang or West Sumatera or Padang: Ba a kabanyo?
  5. Batak or North Sumatera: Aha do Kabar?
  6. Makassar or South Sulawesi: Apa kareba?
  7. Lombok or West Nusa Tenggara (NTB): Berembe Kabar?

I guess its enough. Seven local Indonesia language only. If you need more, please refer to the second link above. Those area probably is the most famous provinces or area. They would be some tourism destination. We have 35 more provinces and its local dialect.

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